Philip Bro Ludvigsen (born 1962 in Australia) is a Danish industrial designer who has specialized in furniture, lighting and other products for the home interior. His design uses rounded shapes and soft, natural materials, but has often an innovative touch too, which for example can be seen in his ‘UnderCover’ lamp that has interchangeable shades (designed for Danish Le Klint in a collaboration with Finnish Marimekko). 
Philip Bro Ludvigsen graduated 1989 from Denmark’s School of Design in Copenhagen. After working for several Danish design offices, like Knud Holscher Design, Pelikan Design and Komplot Design he started own design studio in 2001 under the name Philip Bro Design. His clients include international clients like Ikea, Miniso & Zumtobel. But he has had most focus on local Danish clients; FDB Furniture, Andersen Furniture, Royal Copenhagen, Georg Jensen, Fredericia Furniture, Softline and Lyngby Porcelain among others. Philip Bro Design has participated in numerous exhibitions, especially for many years as a member of the annual Cabinetmakers Fall Exhibition. He is involved in a growing number of green design projects including: the Tiny Garden Project ROOT, the Linak project GrowBox and the SE project SLOOPE, the grass chair. His Studio has an clear intention to further focus on sustainable projects.
Philip Bro has also won international recognition and several design awards:
-2021 Design Favorites for 'Candlelight' by Le Klint
-2020 Good Design Award for 'STOK' sidetable by Softline
- 2019 Purchase of ‘Stop Stool’ by The Danish Arts Council
- 2018 German Design Award for ‘Moai’ chair by Softline
- 2017 Good Design Award (Chicago) for ‘Moai’ chair by Softline
- 2007 Red Dot (Germany) for the ‘UnderCover’ pendant by Le Klint
- 2001 Prize completion, The Danish Arts Council for the project ‘Picnic’ 
- 2000 The Three Year Working Grant, The Danish Arts Council
- 1999 Good Design Award (Chicago) for the ‘Hang on’ hanger by Unique Interior
- 1990 Forma Finlandia Award for the concept design ‘Offskater’ 

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The Philip Bro Studio has always had a high focus on data security and as part of our commitment to ensure the way we treat personal data and keep it safe we have in May 2018 updated our protocols and files to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is the studio policy to store as limited data as possible and all customers and business partners are encouraged to use the contact form for feedback on what relevant data should be stored in our files.
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