Philip Bro designed the popular ‘Radius’ sofa for Eilersen. The system consists of individual sections along clean-cut lines, available in all of Eilersen's leather and fabric covers.

The name 'Radius' refers to the many possible configurations, such as sinuous arrangements, closed circular formations or open semi-circles for foyers, lobbies or reception areas. The system also includes modules suitable for use as long benches, in museums and galleries, for example. Two-by-two or individual units are the more traditional arrangements of Radius for lounge or meeting-room settings.

The sofa system is supported by just a few chrome-plated pedestals - centrally positioned to tie in with the sofa's discreet styling. Recliners, upholstered arm rests and side table elements can be added on or removed at will, as part of the system's underlying flexibility.

Radius has been in production since 2004

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