HITI pendent large
The HITI lamps are the first ever lamp collection for FDB furniture,- presented in december 2018 and on the market from 2019. The HITI lamps are produced from FSC certified Canadian Walnut wood and are available in clear and opal white hand blown glass. 
The HITI Iamps are designed to touch your emotions. You want to reach out and feel the softness of the bubble form. You relax while imagining the glass bubble to take of like a hot air balloon. The lamps are all about reinterpreting elements from the Danish design tradition and adding emotional design:
‘I was commissioned by FDB to design the first FDB pendents ever and I was inspired by the classic VL45 pendent for the Danish Broadcasting Building by Vilhelm Lauritzen.
I have used handblown glass and FSC certified sustainable Canadian walnut wood,- quality materials that have long lives. The design is specifically made for low-heat LED light sources and the closed glass bobble is possible because of the limited heat these new light bulbs expose. So in many ways HITI is all about heat.’
The HITI pendents are all designed by Philip Bro. 
HITI pendent small
HITI pendent small and transparent
HITI pendent mini 
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