Champ pendent Black but always white inside
Champ is a new collection of lamps for Frandsen Retail. Champ is produced as suspension lamps in two seizes and as a table lamp. Produced in the same 3 colors as the Champ suspension lamps; green, brushed aluminium and black, with a matt surface. With its elliptical shape and simple shade, it elegantly embodies the classic trend in today’s interiors. 
The inspiration from Champ comes from interpreting the Danish design tradition. In Champ’s case, there are clear references to Poul Henningsen’s use of screening and reflective metal shells as well as to Verner Panton’s love of round, organic shapes. 
Champ was created by playing with indirect light through curved metal shapes – just as Danish designers have done throughout the ages. With its simple shade, the pendant lamp can hang both high and low, without the light source blinding you – in the same spirit of functionality and craftsmanship that the entire Danish design tradition is built on. 
While the name of this winning lamp is short for champion, when viewed in profile, the lamp also looks like a perfectly shaped champignon mushroom.
Champ tablelamp in Obdrupgaard interior
Champ in Obdrupgaard interior
Champ pendent brushed metal.
Champ table brushed metal surface
Champ pendents in different surfaces

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