Slope Grass chair, photo by Torben Petersen
The grass chair Slope is a part of the Cabinetmakers outdoor exhibition Side by Side Outside at Designmuseum Denmark in 2017 and at Trapholt in 2018. The Slope frame is produced in rusted Morten steel and filled with soil and a top lawn surface. The green grass provides the same soft feeling as upholstered furniture for the user. The wavy sculpted shape gives a good support and ensures that you don’t slide down. 
Lying next to each other on a grassy slope in the summer heat is for me as a designer the ultimate feeling of being side by side outside, and Slope is made just wide enough for two people if they love each other. Slope is a part of an international trend with integration of plants and greenery into architecture and design.
The Slope chair exhibition model is sponsored by Softline, that also produces the recliner EASY chair 

Slope on exhibition in the Trapholt Sculpture park 2018. A dry summer, so the recliner needs watering.
Slope on exhibition in the Trapholt Sculpture park 2018. 
Cutting grass on the Slope chair while on exhibition in the park of Designmuseum Denmark 
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