ROOT a micro silicone garden.
Root is a silicone box for the cultivation of microgreens. 
The box works like a capillary system. A hemp pad automatically soaks up water from a water reservoir below and acts as a weave. 

Many people find it difficult, but desirable, to grow their own food. ROOT is the solution to urban gardeners that want to grow their own superfood. Microgreens are often described as superfood as they are very nutritious with high levels of vitamins, antioxidants and proteins. The capillary system with the hygienic hemp pads makes it really easy and straightforward for everybody to grow delicious and fresh microgreens in the windowsill. The water reservoir in the bottom of the dishwasher proof ROOT make it easy to give the right amount of water, as the hemp pad will always be perfectly moist. Water once or twice a week. When you grow your own microgreens it is always freshly harvested, and has the highest nutritional values. And nothing beats the joy and pride of eating homegrown herbs as part of a balanced diet.

ROOT wood trays help to organize different ROOT gardens in the kitchen.
Microgreens are often called “superfoods” because the small sprouts have very high levels of e.g. vitamins and antioxidants. It is concluded that microgreens possessed higher nutritional densities than the mature plants.

The esthetic and functional design of ROOT support a green and healthy lifestyle where people care for locally produced food and want to contribute to a more sustainable world. It is our assertion that such a simple thing as watching a seed turn into a sprout, caring for it on a daily basis, and then enjoying the fresh and luscious taste of the microgreens will bring you joy and add to a peaceful mind.

Balcony is a wood support for Tiny Gardens ROOT ‘gardens’. Balcony is ready for mounting your micro green gardens directly on your window glass supported by the integrated silicone sucker. 

The ROOT collection including the wooden trays and the balcony are designed by Philip Bro for the social enterprise Tiny Gardens.
Balcony for ROOT makes it possible to place your micro gardens directly on your window.
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